The Dawn of a New Era

The articles published on the New Fascism Syllabus website are intended to foster scholarly inquiry and enrich discussions and debates of topics thematically related to our project. The views expressed in the articles published here do not necessarily represent the views of the Editorial Board or its individual members.

With the election of Donald Trump, everything changed. This research blog, devoted to the rise and appeal of populist movements in Europe and the US, lay dormant while members of the Hate 2.0 team carried on with our other projects. It is now time to resurrect it, since history is being made in real time.

Drawing inspiration from the important work of those who pulled together the #CharlestonSyllabus in the wake of the violence in South Carolina, Jennifer Evans (Carleton University) and Lisa Heineman (University of Iowa) are soliciting articles, relevant news stories, analyses, op-eds, historical essays – anything to help contextualize the current state of play. The focus need not solely be on Trump’s Presidency. The rise of the neo-Right goes beyond borders.

You can find us @NewFascSyllabus on Twitter. Post, message, re-tweet. Just be sure to add #NewFascismSyllabus and #TwitterStorians to your post.


Jennifer Evans is Professor of Modern European History at Carleton University

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