Our Team

The New Fascism Syllabus is a fully collaborative scholarly project. But behind the scenes there are eighteen editors/Board Members pulling it all together. The following is a list of the current members of our Editorial Board, along with our current Research Assistant.


Editorial Board

Anjali Arondekar

Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz

Subject(s): Southeast Asia; Sexuality

Kai Arzheimer

Institution: University of Mainz

Subject(s): Germany; Extreme Right-Wing Populism

Jonathan Bach

Institution: The New School

Subject(s): Germany

Mauro Canali

Institution: University of Camerino

Subject(s): Italy; Fascism

Kate Davison

Institution: University of Melbourne

Subject(s): Germany; Sexuality

Michael Ebner

Institution: Syracuse University

Subject(s): Italy; Fascism

Jennifer Evans

Institution: Carleton University

Subject(s): Germany; Nazism; Sexuality

* Dr. Evans is a co-curator of the New Fascism Syllabus' weblog.

Federico Finchelstein

Institution: The New School

Subject(s): Latin America; Trans-Atlantic Fascism; Dictatorship; Populism

Claudio Fogu

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara

Subject(s): Italy; Fascism

Diana Garvin

Institution: University of Oregon

Subject(s): Italy; Fascism

Brian J Griffith

Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

Subject(s): Italy; Fascism

* Dr. Griffith is a co-curator of the New Fascism Syllabus' weblog.

Shireen Hassim

Institution: Carleton University

Subject(s): Africa; Gender; Political and Social Movements

Michelle Lynn Kahn

Institution: University of Richmond

Subject(s): Germany; Turkey

John Person

Institution: University of Albany

Subject(s): Japan; Fascism

Sherene Seikaly

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara

Subject(s): Middle East; Palestine; Capitalism

Marla Stone

Institution: Occidental College

Subject(s): Italy; Fascism; Anti-Communism

Fabian Virchow

Institution: University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf

Subject(s): Germany; Nazism; Holocaust

Thomas Weber

Institution: University of Aberdeen

Subject(s): Germany; Nazism; Holocaust; Global Political History


Weblog Editors

Jennifer Evans
Brian Griffith


Research Assistant

Benson Cheung
Syllabus Management Assistant

Benson Cheung holds an MA in European Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, with concentrations in history and political science. 

Sophie Wunderlich
Research Database Assistant

Sophie Wunderlich is a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Michigan.