Interrogating the Present

Scholars and other experts on historical fascism, populism and right-wing authoritarianism are increasingly commenting on contemporary political developments in essays and opinion pieces. This section collects writings of this genre. It is organized thematically, with (at present) a heavy focus on the US American political scene. As of this writing, it includes mainly writings through 2016. We are working to bring it up to date and will continue to update it frequently, and we also will expand our coverage of other regions of the world.

The syllabus includes materials that should be useful for discussion, debate, and critique. Inclusion of an item does not indicate NFS’s endorsement of the author’s analysis or opinion.


2020 General Election and Capitol Insurrection

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Civil Society: Coordination and Resistance

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Contemporary Far Right

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Crisis of Neo-Liberalism / Liberal Democracy

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Cultural Studies Frameworks

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Related Movements Outside the United States


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